Alumni Gifts

DSC04124Vemunoori Raju and his sister Sharada are alumni of the RDF Kalleda School. Like every student in RDF schools, they come from socio-economically challenged background. Their parents are daily wage earners who were determined to do the best they can in order for their children to have a better future.

Inspired by their parent’s labour of love, the brother-sister duo strived to excel in school. With the support of the school, they practiced archery and performed well in national level competitions and eventually were selected to the TATA Archery Academy.  Here, they won further accolades in National level events.  The platform provided a stepping stone to their career, with Raju getting a job in the Indian Army through the games quota and Sharada a job in the Delhi Police Department.

With a deep understanding of the challenges in rural education and with even deeper gratitude for the opportunities they had, Raju is sponsoring the medical bills of his beloved sports teacher, who is ailing. Sharada has promised to sponsor the Midday Meal Program whenever she can.

Sharada (centre) at a Midday Meal program sponsored by her at Kalleda School

Sharada (centre) at a Midday Meal program sponsored by her at Kalleda School

We are inspired by not just their financial gift but the gift of their spirit, as shining examples for all our children in our schools.


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