Champion Spirit

The proud students with their achievement certificates

The proud students with their achievement certificates

We have often lauded the achievements of our students because they do so in the face of limited resources. This festive season, we would like to salute the spirit of the students who create positive change in their own lives, despite having difficult social and economic circumstances.  Six students who participated in a prestigious State Level ‘Hapki-Do’ martial arts competition won honour and glory for themselves and their school by winning top awards in this competition.

These six boys, Chinna of Class 6, Aravind of Class 7, Vishal, Mahesh and Anil of Class 8 and Sunil of Class 9, push themselves to excel because they see the hardwork and sacrifices being made by their parents and dream of a better, more economically comfortable future for themselves. Vishal’s father is a tailor, his mother works in the school canteen; Mahesh’s father is a daily wage earner, his mother, an Anganwadi worker; Sunil’s parents are daily wage labourers.

So when they pit themselves against 400 students from 80 schools and walk away with Gold, Bronze and Silver medals, their achievement is awe worthy for us. They excel, not just for the sake of excelling, but with the desire to turn around their life circumstances. Therefore, we would like to not just celebrate the laurels they have won, but also their true champion like spirit.


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