Blossoming knowledge from blossoming plants

Students doing plant activity1

Learning about plant cycles in the classroom

Science experiments can induce delight and wonder in any person

– young or old. Children especially have a sense of wonder and curiosity which propels them to learn happily and easily. Middle school children in Redlawada School wanted to learn about the Bryophyllum leaf, after reading about it in their text book.

Students doing plant activity3

Bryophyllum demonstration

Their curiosity was ignited upon learning that this plant grows without seeds, by growing plantlets on the edges of its leaves, which then drop to the ground and take root as a new plant! They realised that the plant doesn’t grow in their immediate surrounding, so they took the initiative to source it from another place. Such was their excitement that they walked through fields in their village in order to check if they could
find other plants grow the same way and shared their discovery with parents too.

Just another example to show how learning can be made meaningful, through children connecting with the topic and having fun with Science!


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