Sporting Talent


(Seated L-R) Ajay, Vinod, Murali, Venkatesh, with the Junior College staff

The development of a student comprises so much more than just academics. Research has shown how focus on skills and talent innate in humans go a long way in their development as well adapted beings. It is also a well known fact that spending time outdoors being physically active leads to not just physical development, but brain development too. Keeping this in mind, the Junior College has a strong focus on games and sports. Their Physical Education Teacher keeps a sharp eye out for students displaying a hidden talent in sports. The regular sporting activities have revealed three gems, D. Murali, who displayed prowess in cricket; M. Venkatesh who earned accolades in Long Jump and A. Ajay & M. Vinod who proved their mettle on the athletic field. Their steadfast practice has earned them the opportunity to represent the state in the Under-19 State Level competition. We wish them all the best in this upcoming event. Regardless of the result, their hard work and determination make us proud!



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