Cool Winds of Opportunity

Aravind with his invention

Aravind with his invention

Aravind, a class 7 student in the Tech Mahindra Foundation sponsored Zila Parishad High School, Bahadurally, is a gifted and talented student. Aravind has dedicated and spent time in developing an eco-friendly economically affordable air cooler. His high level of interest, fascination, and involvement in developing a scientific and affordable cooler has motivated other students as well. He acknowledged the role of his science teachers and senior students who helped and guided him in the project. He was encouraged to participate in INSPIRE, a competition to show scientific inventiveness for school children. Though he did not make it to the state level competition, he was commended for his hard work and talent. Having never had the opportunity to participate competitively before or show his creativity, Aravind was nonetheless grateful for the school giving him the opportunity to enter the competition.  He is determined to participate in next competitions with new science project/ design. We are proud of his scientific temper and his spirit!

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