‘INSPIRED’ Student

oct blog 2

Roja, all of twelve years, studying in Class 7 in RDF Kalleda School demonstrated how discipline, immense hard work and sheer dedication can lead to achieving anything. A curious student by nature, Roja created a home made water heater that can easily be used by anyone. She was encouraged to display her creation at the District level INSPIRE program in Mahabubabad in Warangal District. Impressed with the utility and creativity of this homemade water heater, officiating personnel made the unhesitating decision of awarding her the 1st prize out of 397 participants! The Mandal Education Officer and Headmasters of other schools admired her invention which she will now take to the State Level INSPIRE program. With an ambition to become a scientist, young Roja has a simple message – “If you want something, work hard for it.”



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