Illuminated Alumni


Kavya Sri with Class 3 students


N. Rachana with Class 2 students










We feel thrilled when graduates of RDF schools go on to achieve laurels in their lives. However, when they volunteer their time every spare moment they have, warms our hearts no end! P. Sravani, K. Kavya Sri and R. Rachna, alumni of RDF Redlawada School go to the school as volunteer teachers, while still pursuing higher education. Their dedication to RDF even after leaving their respective schools is very touching. Our alumni best understand the challenging life circumstances, they live and study in and what is required of them to meet such challenges head on. Therefore gifting their time, effort and skills to our current students made the school team very happy. The three girls are interested in pursuing a teaching career and we hope they come back as full time teachers to further light up RDF schools!


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