Schooling and Skilling for Life

Ramu learning life skills AUG BLOG

Parents in rural areas send their children to school in the hope of having children lead better lives than them. While schools do allow children to secure jobs and provide some financial security to their families, it is often rued that rural livelihoods are endangered due to the new generation working in urban areas than in rural villages. Therefore it is always refreshing to see our students continue to show interests in rural livelihoods – be it agriculture, dairy farming or local arts and handicrafts. Ramu, a 15 year old enrolled in Matendla School is one such student who opts to learn dairy farming with his father. He does well in school and makes sure that academics are not neglected and spends all his spare time helping his father. Ramu feeds their two buffaloes and oxen, along with milking the cattle. In the process, he learns valuable practical farming experience, right from rearing, production to sale. These are lifeskills which can’t be taught in a classroom. Such practical lifeskilling will serve him and all students in good stead, regardless of the profession they choose to follow.



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