Dangers of Deforestation

Kalleda School - Deforestation-2

The heart wrenching effects of deforestation on the lives and habitats of animals was poignantly illustrated when RDF Kalleda student captured this monkey’s photo. With trees being cut down for logging and construction, the starving monkey quenched his thirst with a discarded cup of Thums Up! Such loss of habitat is what drives monkeys and other animals into areas populated by humans, looking for food and water. The poor creatures then get labelled as a menace!

Recognising this serious problem, the CM of Telengana has launched the ‘Haritha Haram’ program for afforestation. RDF schools have been propagating many local level greening campaigns for several years as part of the ‘Social Awareness Program’ amongst villages. The visible effects of deforestation, which students see around them when they see their farmer parents struggle due to lack of rain or forest animals trying to survive drinking Thums Up, is also brought alive in classroom discussions and planting more trees in each school. A student’s birthday is also celebrated with planting a sapling, rather than distribution of sweets.  The staff and students of Kalleda put this succinctly, “Plant at least 2 or 3 plants in your home and gift a bright future to the new generation.  A tree may produce a million matches, but a match can devastate a million trees in the forest. As human beings, the onus for afforestation and avoiding deforestation is on us.  The preservation of forests is the first responsibility of the people.”

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