Creating Science Awareness


National Science Day is observed on February 28th as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the great scientist Sri C.V.Raman. The students of RDF Matendla under the guidance of their teachers had planned some unique, innovative and creative science exhibits. There were 48 stalls in all. Excited students and parents of the high school children went around and listened intently as the exhibit was explained.

This was followed by a variety of skits and plays to bring certain issues to light. The children took a Pledge to protect nature. The audience was moved by a song, Sorrow of a Tree, rendered by Jyothi, of Grade 9. The audience had plenty to think about when Manohar of Grade 6, sang the Sorrow of a Crow. The lyrics were written by Mr Venkatesh, the Science teacher. Nerananda Swami, a skit was enacted about bogus Swamis who cheat the gullible public.

There were also inspiring talks by the students and the Head Master. This was followed by the distribution of prizes and a vote of thanks.


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