Changes in the Earth’s Soil – Reasons

RS blogGrade 8 students of RDF Redlawada school, on a field trip to check the changes in the soil. Lead by Science teacher the students visited selected places like Agricultural land and garden. Activities include digging of the soil layer wise to find out the biological, physical and chemical properties. The students noted the existence of fungi, fertility, fossils, insects and earthworms. The students examined the changes in soil in different places. It was noticed by the students that in many places living things are destroyed in the humus due the excessive pollution, usage of harmful pesticides and heavy chemical fertilizers in the crops. The students learn that by using the natural pesticides and Bio-fertilizers which strengthen the soil resulting in good and healthy crops. Through this field trip the students learn and suggested the farmers to save the earth’s beautiful natural soil by using only Bio-fertilizers and natural pesticides and protect earth and Bio-diversity.

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