Archery Goals


Archery is a big part of RDF’s Sports Development Program. Having already produced an Olympian and National level sportspersons, the current batch is working very hard to realize the next Olympic dream. G. Pranitha, P. Laxman Rao, P. Poorna Rajesh and D. Raju participated in the recently conducted National Archery Junior Selections, held in Hakimpet, Organized by the State Archery Junior Association, 120 students from A.P participated with 24 selections from the state for the National Archery Junior Championship. The 4 RDF students were selected for participation in the Nationals in Assam! While the students worked hard, they did not win medals in the individual events. However, rising star, G. Pranitha, won Bronze in the Team event. One girl G. Pranitha C.E.C Ist year  got “Bronze medal” in Team event. This gives further impetus to our students to continue their dream and hardwork and continue to build their skills and endurance in this challenging sport. They have the support and blessings of the entire RDF community!

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