Student Teachers


On the occasion of children’s day on 14th November, Kalleda School conducted ‘Self Government’. As part of Self Government Day, all Class 10 students and some Class 9 students were engaged as teachers for the whole day.

Acting student teachers coordinated with teachers to get the appropriate syllabus for each class and prepared colourful teaching learning material and other activities to take their classes in an engaging and child centric way.

A meeting was conducted with the student teachers at the end of the day, so they could share their experiences. Without exception, all of them that they enjoyed their responsibilities and appreciated the hardwork put in by teachers to ensure that classes go smoothly and students learn well. Many of them expressed a desire to become teachers to add value to schools and contribute to India!

On this occasion, the school also invited Sub Inspector of Police, Parvathagiri, Sri. P. Ramesh Goud. He was also inspired by the environment and activities in the school that he has decided make a personal contribution by taking Math classes for Class 10 students during examinations!


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