RDF’s water purification expert

Ashok operating the water plant

Ashok operating the water plant

In RDF Matendla School C. Ashok from the 8th grade operates the water purification plant for the school and village every day. He has volunteered to do this and does it because of his keen interest in the purification machinery. Initially he didn’t know how to operator the machine, but after speaking to his teachers (along with a bit self teaching) he is now an expert in operating it. Now he operates plant every day on school days, and even on holidays. In fact on holidays he comes to school especially to wash the water plant and filter the water. He tries to learn all aspects of operating the water plant like checking TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of water, washing pipes, changing the pipes and mixing the required chemical in water. This young chap is too tiny to even pick up the canisters of water (which the security guard helps him with) but he is still diligently comes and operate this mammoth machine. We would commend C. Ashok for his excellent work.


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