Lighting the flame of knowledge

Students conducting the experiment

Students conducting the experiment


RDF believes in giving students the means to knowledge, and then allowing them to question and explore a subject matter further and therefore truly understand the subject. This was just the case with P. Ravali and E. Kalpana class 8 students at RDF Rollakal School. In class they were taught that oxygen is required for fire, which made them think that if oxygen is present in water, then can a candle burn through the oxygen it derives from the water. They devised an experiment and with the help of a teacher demonstrated it in front of the entire school at the prayer assembly. They took a plate, water, glass and a candle. They poured water in the plate (coloured water was used for visibility), lit a candle and covered it by glass. The flame burned for some time and slowly they could see the water being drawn towards the glass. This innovative experiment proves that oxygen is there in the water and it helped the candle burn. What an innovative way to prove a theory!



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