Science Fest 2013


A student building an exhibit for the Fest


This month, RDF Kalleda School hosted a Science Festival, where students prepared some interesting science exhibits to commemorate National Science Day. The students along with the staff prepared a whopping 66 new exhibits adding to the 24 pre-existing ones. The fest was kicked off through an inauguration ceremony which was presided over by the MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) Smt. Umarani who attended as the Chief Guest for the event. The day was an important one as the students show cased their innovative experiments but also because the RDF Kalleda School Science website was launched ( The event had a terrific turn out with nearly 800 students from Parvathagiri Vishvabharathi High School, Saraswathi School, Zenith School, Layola School and Goutham Model Schoo. RDF school students also joined in with students coming in from RDF Wadlakonda, Redlawada Schools and VAPV Junior College. During the closing ceremony, there was a quiz for the students as well as a prize distribution ceremony.


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