Cargill takes RDF to South Korea

Team RDF with the rest of the conference participants


RDF would not be able to continue its work, if wasn’t for the constant support from our sponsors. Cargill has been supporting RDF for four years now and their contribution has been key, especially in the ‘Sponsor a child’ campaign.   Vandita Rao CEO, Vishnumurthy Chary Head Master RDF Matendla School, Sridhar Asst. Head Master RDF Kalleda School and Ashok alumnus of RDF Kalleda School all attended the 4H (Head, heart, hands, health) conference in South Korea with the help of Cargill. The main aim of the conference was to engage with various organizations in different countries on the cause of rural development and methods to bring about social change via rural development.  RDF put up a stall in the conference. The stall was about showcasing RDF’s activities such as cultural programs, academic achievements and extra-curricular activities. Along with this, Vandita Rao gave a presentation about RDF and Ashok gave a presentation about how RDF was established; social, developmental challenges being faced by India and how RDF is helping bridge some of the social and infrastructural gaps in the education sector by running schools for the rural poor. Overall, the conference was a great experience for team RDF and also provided fantastic exposure for RDF’s work.

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  1. Posted by R MOHAN REDDY on November 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Good News


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