Beyond education…

A leadership activity underway with RDF Kalleda School students

RDF believes in the all-round development of a student. Besides academic education we believe in inculcating leadership qualities in the students.  Recently, Kevin Crouse (PhD candidate in Education Theory and Policy at Rutgers University) came to RDF Kalleda School to implement his innovative teaching methodology and develop leadership qualities in students. Students from classes 9 & 10 were formed into groups, each group led by a facilitator. Through discussion, students had to create a village, describing in detail all its attributes such as geography, political system, and traditions of the people. They had to give this village a name and represent it symbolically. Through further discussion, debate and brainstorming, they had to identify some crucial issues afflicting their village. Some of the issues identified were the lack of schools, alcoholism and dowry. The activity did not end with the identification of issues but also discussed possible solutions to the problem such as ways to reach out to local government to convince them about education and take necessary steps, spread awareness through various campaigns such as door to door advocacy and street plays. After this exercise, the students seemed more confident and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. RDF would like to extend a big thank you to Kevin and his team for their effort!


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