Turning interest into skills

N.Mahesh and D.Balnarsu resolving computer hardware issues

Alumni from RDF Matendla School (and RDF VAPV Junior College) D.Balnarsu and N.Mahesh have found their way back to RDF. Both of them were excellent students with strong academic records and have even pursued their graduation in Siddipet. D.Balnarsu and N.Mahesh returned to RDF 6 months ago by joining the school as a Hindi teacher and clerk respectively. Their contribution to RDF did not end there. Driven by their keen interest in computers, in their free time they would learn hardware basics and even attended a one week hardware training program in Hanmakonda specially arranged for RDF by the Kapil Group. The training refined their natural talent for computing and now they are able to solve IT issues in the school. Not only this, they are also teaching current students the basics of computer science. Balnarsu in addition to being the Hindi teacher is now also the computer teacher at the school. In this manner, RDF was able to help two students hone in on their passion and provide them with the training required to polish their skills. We hope to see both of them build on this knowledge and passion for computers.


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  1. Posted by Skola Racunara on August 10, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    I have recently heard many great things about computer schools in India. I wander is this the case in other developing countries? Does anyone knows how African computer schools compare to rest of the world?


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