Improving habits

Narsimpalli student Kalyan and a villager discuss how habits affect health

Many villagers in Narsimpalli work as weavers and stone cutters. The work is hard on their bodies and they sometimes indulge in drinking alcohol or smoking and chewing tobacco to forget their pains.
Narsimpalli 7th and 8th class students went street to street to discuss the health problems such bad habits can cause. Carrying diagrams of internal organs, students educated villagers about how drinking or chewing gutkhas, jardas and pan masalasthe can lead to cancers and lung disease.
The project was part of the school’s Social Awareness Program.

Lakshmi meets with villagers


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is excellent and innovative idea to promote social awareness among the less fortunate.Also it provides the younger generation a hands on experience in understanding and dealing with issues like this, thus enabling them to help the society as well as make a change in the lives of people.


  2. Good
    But keep on updating the activity going on


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