Moving to English

Rama Mavuri is among those helping RDF schools prepare for a transition to English.

Kalleda opened in 1996 as Telugu medium school but is now shifting to English to maximize students’ future opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

Kalleda and Matendla are part of RDF’s broader efforts to make the schools English medium, like its Narsimpalli campus. During the transition, lessons will be taught in both languages until students and teachers can be fully fluent.

Starting in June, Kalleda will begin teaching bilingual education for students from nursery to 5th class. Education research shows that young students have the best chance of learning new languages.

To make the switch, RDF has received invaluable help from Silver Oaks, an urban Hyderabad school, which has assisted in training kindergarten through 6th class teachers to develop their curriculum and help with English language instruction. Also helping our efforts is Rama Mavuri, Head- Pre-primary education, for the popular Gowtham Model Schools which has 72 branches.

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  1. Behalf of first batch alumni from RDF-Mattendal Schoo, I(Kishan&all..) can say that really if we could realize it(english medium teaching) in the past 10 years, we would have been doing better thing by this time. We are really regrating now about how many things we have to learn yet tooo……


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