It’s never too old to learn

Obanna signing the attendance registerObanna is the school watchman at RDF Narsimpalli School. When he joined the school in 2009, he was illiterate. However, watching the children learn sparked a desire in him to learn to read and write as well. He took it upon himself to teach himself to read and write in Telugu. Impressed by his determination and enthusiasm, the school Headmaster and other teachers helped him in this endeavour. Now Obanna can read the Telugu paper, sign his name in the attendance register and has been entrusted by the school to manage the administration and accounts maintenance of the water treatment plant. He punches in the dates, writes the names of the water card members and handles the money. At 55, Obanna has shown that it is never too old to learn


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  1. wow it is a good and marvolus thing.


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