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Upper row left to right- M.Arun Kumar (9th class), N.Venu (6th class), K.Prashanth (10th class), D.Renuka (10th class), K.Roja (10th class), K.Rekha (9th class). Lower row left to right- K.Ramesh (3rd class), P.Venu (4th class), P.Bhanuprasad (6th class), B.Srilatha (6th class)

As part of its Annual Day, Matendla decided to recognize students who have never missed a school day this year.

It was the first time Matendla researched perfect attendance records, but school officials felt it was important to honor students who have shown such commitment to their education. At the February 19 event, the school also acknowledged their parents for supporting their children’s schooling and hoped the achievement will inspire other parents and students.

Of Matendla’s 319 students, 10 have earned the impressive record. These students are: K. Ramesh (3rd class), P. Venu (4th class), B. Srilatha (6th class), P. Bhanuprasad (6th class), N. Venu (7th class B Section), K. Rekha (9th class), M. Arunkumar (9th class), and D. Renuka, K. Roja, and K. Prashanth (all 10th class).

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