High scoring teacher

Srinivas Yadav taught himself computers at night

Srinivas Yadav taught primary science when he first came to Matendla.

But the enterprising teacher, who had come from a poor family and only completed his intermediate degree, wasn’t content. At night, he learned English and computers, relying on the former computer teacher B.Purushotham to help him. He even attended English training with the British Council India on behalf of Matendla.
Two years ago, he began teaching the computer class. A year ago, he added English classes to his duties.
Recently, Srinivas prepared for the Teacher Training Course, earning the impressive rank of 781 out of 3,18,000 students. He has now left Matendla to pursue his two-year teacher training and continue to advance his career. We are proud of Srinivas and how he demonstrated it is never too late to learn! RDF congratulates him on his successes and hope he returns.

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