A green Sankranthi

Wadlakonda students and teachers created rangavalli using natural ingredients

Wadlakonda welcomed Sankranthi by combining holiday traditions with an environmental message.

The holiday, which marks both the sun’s transition and harvest days, is celebrated with kites, bhogi pallu (showering dried fruits and flowers on children’s heads), gangireddu (the bull dance) and singing Haridasulu. In addition, there is navadhanyalu, an offering of nine grains meant to represent the nine historical planets.

This rangavalli was made with petals, pulses, vegetables and dung

Another popular tradition is rangavalli, the vivid floor designs on people’s doorways during religious festivals. While it’s now common to buy chemical powders, Wadlakonda teachers and students showed how one can create gorgeous rangavalli using natural ingredients.

Rice for white, beans for green, pulses and roti for creams and brown, flower petals for yellow and red combined to make a rangavalli that was both beautiful and good for the environment. In the center was gobbillu, which is made of cow dung.





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