Winning gold

VAPV Junior college students Ricky Singh and Sunkari Lavanya recently won medals for archery

VAPV Junior College student Sunkari Lavanya has won three gold medals for archery during a competition in Maharastra.

Lavanya was trained by coach Prabirdas when she was in 10th class in Kareemnagar. Coach Prabirdas has since joined VAPV and Lavanya was admitted to the junior college this year. She is currently studying MPC 1 EM group (maths, physics, chemistry, 1st year English medium).

The competition was a happy change for Lavanya, who lost her father last summer after an accidental gas leakage in their home. In the under 19 category, she won gold medals for both the 70-meters and 30-meter contests and scored gold in the overall champion category.

Students Sunkari Lavanya and Ricky Singh with archery coach Prabirdas

She also got a silver for the 50-meter competition and a bronze for the 60-meter. The competition was sponsored by the School Games Federation-Maharastra.

In addition to Lavanya, junior college student Ricky Singh won a silver medal with his Andhra Pradesh team. Ricky is a first-year student and is studying civics, economics and commerce.


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