Learning while he earns

Matendla's head cook is improving his education. Ramesh recently passed his 7th grade examinations.

Ramesh A is the head cook at Matendla Rural School, but he doesn’t limit his ambitions to the kitchen.

Though Ramesh had previously studied only till 6th grade, he recently passed his 7th grade examinations from Matendla!

Having been motivated by his success in 7th grade examinations, he now aims to pass 10th grade examinations. Matendla teachers have encouraged him to study and this has motivated him to “learn while he earns.”

Ramesh — the eldest of four siblings who helps support his family — has proven he is a hard worker. He joined Matendla in 2006 as the “head boy” and was gradually promoted to assistant head cook and now is the school’s head cook. He had no formal training and has learned his skills on the job.

As he does not like to waste the time, he learned computer skills at night. Right now he helps school with computer works. He also conducts library classes when the teachers are absent.

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