Growing leadership

Matendla student Narendra with a banana plant

Matendla Rural School student D.Narendra has developed a unique passion of taking care of plants and trees in the school premises. The second grader waters them regularly and removes weeds around plants. He has also built channels around plants and trees to direct the rain water.

Narendra, whose parents are farmers, actively cultivates vegetables in the school farm. He pays attention to new methods taught in farming classes and practices them at the school farm. His passion for gardening and farm cultivation is so high that he even visits Matendla on school holidays to maintain the plants and trees.

This has had a huge impact on his general behaviour. Narendra has 100% attendance in school, is very disciplined and his leadership qualities are getting honed. Whenever his class teacher is absent, the young boy conducts the class and maintains discipline. This has also led to improvement in his grades and he has thrice been awarded star student of the week.

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