Balamani: A great role model

RDF Matendla teacher Balamani shows girls they can have a job and a husband

RDF Matendla believes in empowering girls and one of its teachers is a living example of the school’s ideals.

Balamani began teaching at Matendla after graduating from 10th class at the same school. She is dedicated to her profession. Not only does she teach Telugu and environmental science, but she works with students outside the classroom. She is also earning her bachelor’s degree in Telugu, political science and public administration and is now teaching a demo class to the teachers in primary school.

But when Balamani recently got married, her husband told her to stop teaching. She didn’t want to but felt that she had to obey her husband’s wish.

However, she realized that this was against RDF’s ideologies. She discussed her problem with the head master who then spoke to her husband. Finally the husband gave up.

RDF Matendla School wants to set an example for the young girls at our school, and change society by empowering women. Balamani is a great role model for our students.


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