A traditional new year

Shruthi, Akhila and Dhanalakshmi prepare traditional foods for Ugaadi

Kalleda students recently celebrated a traditional Ugaadi festival, complete with Ugaadi pachaddi, Kankanalu and Panchanga Shravanam.

The observance is part of RDF Kalleda’s efforts to instill Indian culture and traditions in the students. As with Shankranti, Dussera, Ramzan and Christmas, children are taught the significance of each festival.

B Mamatha offering Ugaadi pachchadi

Ugaadi – which students celebrated on April 2 – heralds the beginning of a new year according to Telugu traditions. There are 60 years in the Telugu calendar and this year marks the beginning of Sri Khara Nama year.  Ugaadi is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month according to Hindu calendar.

To mark the holiday, Kalleda students helped with decorations and culinary preparations. The food included Ugaadi pachadi, a dish prepared by mixing six different ingredients with various flavors – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. Each taste symbolizes various facets of life – happiness, sorrows, ups and downs – to  teach us how to balance these aspects for a better life.

Students narrating panchangam

Students also wore kankanalu – a sacred thread worn around the wrist – and took an oath to preserve and observe Telugu customs and traditions.

As a highlight of the day, students wore traditional clothes and recited panchangam to the audience. Panchanga Shravanam is an essential part of Ugaadi celebrations where Zodiac-based forecasts of the coming are narrated.


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