Kalleda alum plants bright future

Kalleda alum Devaraju at the school farm

Kalleda grad Devaraju volunteers at the school farm and enjoys teaching students his farming techniques.

Former Kalleda student Devaraju is a role model for today’s younger students: he now manages a farm where he is responsible for a staff of 12 men and women, all of whom are much older than him.

The quiet, unassuming 19-year-old excels at his job. Under his management, the yield on the 68 acre farm has steadily increased.  The main crops are rice, maize and mango which are sold at the local market and the profits invested in improving seeds and fertilizers for future crops.

This year the farm’s rice yield reached record levels which Devaraju credits to excellent team work. “I learned the importance of team work from my father,” he says. “When I was growing up he took time to show me how to co-operate with other people to get the best results.”

Devaraju, who dropped out of college after finishing his schooling five years ago, also spends time helping on the nearby Kalleda School farm.  He enjoys teaching his techniques to younger students when they visit the school farm to help with the harvest.

For Devaraju, planning the crop cycle, sowing seeds and making organic fertilizers are all in a day’s work. The farm’s irrigation system is its life-blood especially during the long hot summer months when temperatures rise to 40 Celcius or more.  Devaraju says he has noticed changes in the weather patterns with more erratic monsoons.

When he is off duty, he enjoys playing cricket and volleyball.

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