Oakridge School donation to fill RDF libraries!

Oakridge International Students gathered outside the donation drive

On February 19, Oakridge International School in Hyderabad ran a hugely successful book donation drive. A few weeks after Oakridge 5th and 6th class students received a presentation about RDF, they took the initiative to hold a school-wide drive to donate to RDF schools.


An Oakridge student sorting books for the drive


Many students felt moved by RDF’s mission, and wanted to contribute in a tangible way. Students in all classes contributed, and almost all of them gave a minimum of 5 books. Another motivation was that students were allowed to wear jeans and white shirts for a day, and Oakridge was full of jeans-wearing students that day.

Students gave story books written in English, Telugu and Hindi, donated in eco-friendly bags, along with stationery and some soft toys for RDF Nursery classes. In total, there was a full truckload of donations given – a donation that will last for many years at RDF. The books will go towards filling RDF libraries and classroom mobile libraries in all RDF schools.

The donations filled up the back of an entire truck!

RDF looks forward to a continued relationship with Oakridge International School for many years to come.

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