‘Our Place’ trash turns to RDF treasure

RDF Kalleda students using the place mats for a group activity

RDF schools are proud of their environmental awareness; students are taught not to waste a piece of paper, a drop of water, a grain of rice or a watt of power. Now they have a continous supply of ‘city trash’ for use in classroom group activities.

Our Place – a popular Hyderabad restaurant has agreed to donate its used table mats to RDF schools for as long as the schools can make use of them! What started as an experiment has developed into a long-term project with the restaurant agreeing to recycle their used paper table mats for a good cause. Instead of being disposed of, they will be collected and stored for use by RDF schools for arts and group activities in the classrooms.

It’s a practical example of city trash becoming RDF school treasure! It may also be a vision of the future with rural and urban India finding innovative ways to collaborate.

A student using the place mat for a classroom assignment


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