RDF Matendla School Alumni Profile: Babu Daripally

Johanna, a Bridges to Understanding volunteer at RDF Matendla School, writes about her experience meeting Babu, an RDF Matendla School alumni student.

Babu Daripally is 17 years old and graduated from Matendla in 2010. The young boy approached us at Matendla School. He was eager to meet us and although only a few words were exchanged, he left us speechless.

He sang us a song; Amma (Mother), a Telugu folk song honouring the important role of the mother.

Babu has the most beautiful, strong yet soft voice, and his performance was full of emotion.

Babu recently lost his father and is now living with his grandfather. Although he has been singing since 3rd grade and won several awards for it, unfortunately this has not been encouraging enough for him to pursue a dream of becoming a singer. He is a sensible village boy and is aware of the uncertainties of a world of singers. His life goal is to become a doctor.

We want to share his beautiful singing with you and hopefully we can encourage him to follow his heart and include singing as a major part of his life:

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