RDF Junior College: Archery Stars

Archery stars Chandulal G, Prasanna K, and Lavanya N.

Archery is not a sport you associate with rural India but thanks to the fame of a former RDF archery student who made it to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it has become firmly established in the remote rural village of Kalleda.

It is being kept alive thanks largely to the passion of JC archery coach, Gopi Singh a former international archer for India, who coaches and support students from Kalleda School and the nearby Junior College, whenever they  show any promise.

Three students to watch right now are:

  • Seventeen year old Lavanya, in her first year of a commerce, economics and English degree at JC who won a gold medal in the 2009 National School Game Archery Championship  at team  event and two bronze medals in individual events. Her parents are very poor agricultural workers and her goal is to become an international star.
  • Sixteen year old Prasanna Kumar was placed second in the 2010 Rural National Games after his success at state level in the sub junior events. He is in his first year of a combined physics and maths course.
  • Youngest student, G Chandulal  in class 9 at  Kalleda School was the best competitor in the sub junior state Championship 2011.and also a silver medalist in the team event at Mini-Sub junior National 2009.Outside school, he spends time helping his father on the family’s small farm-holding.

Lavanya working hard at practice

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