RDF Matendla School: Buy a Recipe!

Johanna and Gudrun are two volunteers from Iceland who were the first to introduce the Youth Empowerment Program to RDF Matendla school. Here’s a post written by Johanna on a special project they worked on in addition to their Youth Empowerment class – the Buy a Recipe project!

Johanna Bjork and Gudrun Hulda

Those who have been to RDF Matendla School know that it has the freshest, tastiest, and most amazing food. Besides the smiling students, the best thing about Matendla  is without a doubt the food. The school’s kitchen is a hidden treasure of Indian food. The reason for the kitchen’s success is freshness, care and simplicity.

The ingredients are all local and seasonal. The school grows its own garden, which the students take an active part in taking care of. Their other main ingredients are love and care for the students, chilies and turmeric, and a little dance here and there. Sometimes Vishnu, the headmaster comes and adds pride to the recipes.

RDF Matendla School's kitchen

The kitchen is a simple one. It has a few gigantic pots, huge saucepans, two gas-stoves, two fireplaces, a large floorspace and several primitive but very interesting work-tools. No electricity, no fancy machines. Everything is clean cut and clear.

The two of us have been sitting quietly, watching and learning from the best. Now, we have gathered our favorite recipes from the Matendla Kitchen and adjusted to scale (since the least of us ever make lunch for 356 hungry schoolchildren). We want to share with you the treasures of Matendla School.

The world can learn from the Matendla School Kitchen so we have prepared a small-scale fund-raiser on mine and Gudrun’s personal website. We simply call it Buy a Recipe.

Eggplant (vankai in Telugu) curry, a boiled egg, and rice make a full meal

Already we have collected enough money to buy the students a new camera, volleyball and a basketball and to buy necessities for the kitchen. We hope that with the help of friends and family and other RDF friends we can raise a lot more.

Click HERE to see the website for yourself!

RDF plans to adopt the Buy a Recipe program on a larger scale (by including the other schools) and then incorporating it into its own website.

Verði þér að góðu

– Icelandic for Bon apetit

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