Euro School visit

Euro School staff follow RDF Kalleda School's honour guard to assembly


On Tuesday January 25th, Euro School, a private school based in Hyderabad, sent sixty students along with ten staff to visit RDF Kalleda School. The visit was set up with the aim to set up a more involved partnership between the two schools and engage in a cultural exchange of urban and rural school cultures.

The day started with assembly, and then the group set up into smaller groups to tour the premises and observe classes. RDF and Euro School students sat together at lunch and shared a meal. Ranjita Rao, the principal of Euro School, was particularly excited, since it was the first time she had been able to bring students to accompany her on such a visit. When asked what she was hoping to gain out of the visit, she stated “I hope Euro School students can learn from RDF students in areas of discipline and positive attitudes.” She was also excited to facilitate an exchange of ideas between students at both schools and inculcate the idea of ‘giving back’ in Euro School students.

Euro School students and RDF students sitting back to back at lunchtime

Euro School students seemed amazed at RDF’s culture. Tanvi Akanksha, a sixth class student at Euro School, said she was excited to learn about RDF students behavior in the classrooms and also to see how different their lives were than the RDF students.” Another Euro School student commented that “she was amazed to see even Nursery students recycling paper in arts and crafts projects.” She left feeling very inspired.

By the end of the day, Euro School students seemed excited to go home and brainstorm ideas for how they could further collaborate with RDF. RDF is looking forward to continuing this wonderful partnership.


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