Staff Profile: Chebelli Cheralu

Chebelli Cheralu first joined RDF in 2007 as an English and Social Studies teacher at RDF Redlawada School. In September 2010, he was promoted to Headmaster of RDF Wadlakonda School. When asked about what he was looking forward to most in his new position, he said “making Wadlakonda the best of all RDF schools.” Cheralu is motivated by the healthy competition amongst all RDF schools.

This, of course, will come with its challenges. Wadlakonda school is currently lacking a proper facility and many classes are being held outdoors. RDF has recently purchased a plot of land to build the school upon, but major funding is necessary.

Still, Cheralu is hopeful. He is building strong relationships with his team of staff and is excited by the values they exude in their work, despite some of the funding challenges. He looks forward to his time ahead at RDF with a refreshing optimisim.


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