RDF Matendla School – Festival Update

Muharram Festival

We celebrated Muharram festival for 7 days at our school (December 7-14), as part of our effort to engage students in all cultural festivals. We created models of the gods (Peerilu) with clothes, paper, sticks & cotton as seen in the video below. Every student enjoyed the festival by singing songs and playing around the fire in front of the gods. The students also performed a drama of the story of the festival. Everybody performed well and put all their effort into it. Overall, we enjoyed this festival very much. See the video:


We also celebrated Christmas day on December 25th, 2010 after school despite not having a Christian contingency in our school in. The students performed a show (drama) on the ‘birth of Christ’. The drama of Christ allowed students to learn about the story of Christmas. The drama also explained us about the story of Christ and his valuable words. The students learned how Christians usually celebrate their festival.

We made and arranged a Christmas tree in front of the assembly. The aim of the celebration is for students to experience the Christmas spirit first hand. All the credit goes to Environmental Science & English departments as they prepared this program in its entirety. Enjoy a video below with photos of our celebrations:

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