Key RDF Milestones in 2010

RDF had its best year YET in 2010. Here’s why:

  • Best examination marks so far.  102 students graduate from Kalleda and Matendla Schools
  • Kalleda student scores 91% in English exam
  • Transition to a full English curriculum at Narsimpalli School
  • Increase in student enrollments
  • Purchase of land for two new schools to replace existing buildings at Wadlakonda and Redlawada schools
  • Improved facilities at all six school campuses
  • Partnership with an elite school in the state capital, Hyderabad.  Students and teachers from different social backgrounds working together and learning from one another.
  • Students involved in the process of appointing a new principal  at RDF Vanitha Achuta Pal Vidyalaya ( Junior College)
  • Kalleda students involved in innovative initiative grading teachers after lessons and then meeting to have ‘muchata’ to discuss how to make improvements for both students and teachers.
  • Kalleda students sitting exams without invilagators present – to demonstrate students’ honesty which is one of RDF’s core values
  • New village project educating illiterate women in Matendla village, sponsored by the Indian government.
  • New Social Awareness Programme started at Kalleda for students to explore social issues in their communities. Students work  on youth empowerment programmes with overseas volunteers to create digital stories about the preservation of Lambad culture;  Matendla village literacy project.
  • Students excel in many areas outside the classroom by winning national, state and district awards in  – athletics, yoga, kho kho, kabbadi, basketball.
  • Girls -only karate programme started at Matendla school.
  • Increased involvement of alumni students in the schools.

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  1. Posted by Madhvi on January 20, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Madhvi, I was talking about this background green sheet like, maybe the colour should be less intense but the grass coming out is looking cute, wild, rustic…. AMAZING JOB!!


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