Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Child Line 1098 .


RDF Redlawada school has conducted Child line program called (child line 1098) where a program on awareness to eradicate Child Labour, Child Marriages, and to help orphans, street children. The – child line organization 1098 finds out these problems among children and help them in the surrounding villages and places. The students pledged their support to eliminate this kind of  problems by helping children of their village and surroundings. Through this kind of awareness programs students realize the importance of responsibility and protect themselves for any accidents and incidents.

Learning with Fun !

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The universe cannot be read until we have learned the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word. Without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth.

Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences

RDF Rollakal, Primary teacher, Mr.Ramesh has introduced different types of activities in mathematics to learn with fun. He uses the shapes of circles, triangles, rectangles etc., to make children understand the concept of mathematics easier. Through these activities the children are able to understand the hardest subject very easily. They show lot of interest as it is learning with fun. The children reason, think and understand more relevantly than the old method of black board writing and teaching.



 As a part of Social awareness program RDF kalleda School students organized “ the prohibition of liquor rally ”.

Students of class VI to X participated in the rally to enlighten people for a non alcoholic society. They shouted slogans “Shun liquor – live better”   and delivered speeches in the surrounding villages. Seeing the students, some of the villagers also participated in the rally and supported the cause. Students also explained to the villagers, the effect on health by taking liquor , tobacco, gutka. Due to this addiction the family also looses the health and become economically weak resulting in death.  The villagers realized their responsibility and supported the students.

Tech Mahindra Volunteering Swachh Bharat Abhiyan supported by RDF and Bahadurpally Govt. school staff


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Campaign Clean India) is a national level campaign by the Government of India to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. This campaign was officially launched on 2 October 2014 at RajghatNew Delhi, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

RDF partnered with Tech Mahindra Foundation – supporting  Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School in Bahadurpally, Hyderabad also took a step ahead by hitting the streets. More than 15 to 20 Volunteers from Tech Mahendra Foundation participated in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program.  Along with them RDF staff, MPP primary school and high school HMs, teachers also took part in cleaning the surroundings of the school. The Volunteers and the staff have worked hard for 3 to 4 hours  in rain  and cleaned the outer edge of the school.  The campaign and the hard work of the volunteers stood as an example and encouragement to the all the students of primary and high school to keep the premises clean and green.

Back to School


RDF Matendla -School  alumni 4th batch(2008-09)conducted a alumni meet in the  school premises on Oct 5th. The Alumni shared their experiences and joyous moments to be associated with the school. They shared their memories and thanked the RDF family and the teachers. They honored the teachers with shawls and flowers.  The alumni pledged to help the school in free time and after settling in the jobs.

ARDENT FESTIVAL OF MAIDENS – Protecting our Tradition


India is the land of Festivals & Traditions. As a part of protecting our festivals, culture and tradition, RDF Kalleda School held nine days local festival of Boddemma.  All maidens visit ant hill and dig the hill and make clay idol of Goddess Boddemma with five steps and decorate it with flowers, turmeric, areca nut, wicks etc., As per tradition each step reflects offspring. During the festival all maidens dress up in traditional dresses and sing songs. On the last day the idol is immersed in village tank with huge procession. The common belief is that if Boddemma is worshipped, the Earth Goddess will be pleased to yield good crops and health and also get good husbands to maidens.

“Big thinking precedes great achievement”

BS Assembly


Rural Development Foundation rendering its services to implement “School Based Quality Improvement Program” in Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurpally, in partnership with Tech Mahindra Foundation

Recently the School conducted Elections to select Class Representative and Girl Representative. With the help of RDF mentors and teachers, the students actively participated in Elections to select the representatives. The students are specially taught about the Elections, Democracy, Principles and values of leadership in the class. Based on their teaching the students understood the importance of leadership and supported & actively participated in the elections. The representative will look after all the grievances of the students they represent and solve the issues with the help of teachers and mentors.

The results were announced in a weeks’ time and the leaders took oath to serve as best as they can and be helpful to each one.


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