“Big thinking precedes great achievement”

BS Assembly


Rural Development Foundation rendering its services to implement “School Based Quality Improvement Program” in Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurpally, in partnership with Tech Mahindra Foundation

Recently the School conducted Elections to select Class Representative and Girl Representative. With the help of RDF mentors and teachers, the students actively participated in Elections to select the representatives. The students are specially taught about the Elections, Democracy, Principles and values of leadership in the class. Based on their teaching the students understood the importance of leadership and supported & actively participated in the elections. The representative will look after all the grievances of the students they represent and solve the issues with the help of teachers and mentors.

The results were announced in a weeks’ time and the leaders took oath to serve as best as they can and be helpful to each one.

Learning with Fun


Redlawada - Volcano erruption

RDF Redlawada Students, creating model of Lava Eruption from Earth and Fire Hills.

9th standard students of RDF Redlavada created a Lava eruption model with black clay, crackers. They have also explained the effects of Lava in the surrounding areas and to the earth. What reactions take place inside the Earth’s core which triggers the Lava to flow was clear to the students by the experiment. Through this activity based experiment students learned the concept easily and this improved their thinking skills. Students are motivated by this experiment to use innovative ways to do other science experiments in the class.

Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.


GE Science Volunteer fair 2014, was organized by GE, Hyderabad, at GE HTC Centre point office, Begumpet. RDF students and teachers were invited to the fair.

There were many Science models and projects displayed by different Govt schools located in the suburbs of Hyderabad. RDF students are seen here, interacting with the other school students and actively observing each and every model and enquiring about the project.

The students were motivated by the new methods of experiments and inspired by the presentation. The mind is everything, what you think you become. So the students wanted to use creative thinking and new ideas they have learnt in the science fair into practice back in school.

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspire Research


Telangana state level “Innovation in science pursuit for Inspire Research” exhibition for Intermediate students was held from 20 to 24 August, 2014 at Kakatiya University in Warangal. In this event more than 150 students participated from various colleges in the state.

From RDF-VAPV Junior college, Kalleda, ten students participated in this event. The students who have got 9.0 above points in their annual examinations were eligible to participate in this event. The officials and scientists have suggested that the teachers should accompany and guide the students. The Scientists advised every student to think differently, work innovatively, work in a novel way and pursuit research in various science subjects. Several professors and scholars have stressed on the need to update knowledge. Usage of modern technology will help the students in keeping up to date with the subject knowledge. The aim of the event is to showcase that with the help of science and technology, we can overcome various problems and to encourage students to build a career in science. All the students were inspired by the speeches of the guests and felt happy to attend the programme. Lecturer in Zoology V. Swapna was the coordinator for this programme.

“Some People want it to happen, others make it happen”



Rural Development Foundation has widened its boundaries by entering into a new partnership with Tech Mahindra Foundation to implement “School Based Quality Improvement Program” in a Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurpally, Hyderabad. Rural Development Foundation, Tech Mahindra Foundation and Rajiv Vidya Mission have signed  Memorandum of Understanding to impart quality education. Sr. PET Mr. Lakshmi Narayana is one such mentor – His action depicts – “Boys’ do not follow me, follow my Rhythm”.

Experience the Joy of Giving


Rural Development Foundation is a voluntary organization. It continues to support and give high quality education to underprivileged children of rural India. RDF supports four schools and one Junior college in two districts of Telengana. Due to the selfless efforts of RDF, the schools together have more than 1700 students enrolled in them.

Youth for Seva has given its helping hand to RDF donating school bags to the RDF kids. Each bag contained note books, pens, water bottle, stickers, dictionary, etc., we encourage students and parents to motivate others and lend their support to help each other to make a better future.

We convey our heartfelt thanks to Youth for Seva for their generous donation.

Tomorrow’s Leaders


 Students of Matendla School are given opportunity to lead our School Assembly in the morning. They are empowered to lead the session to showcase their special talents during the morning assemblies. A news reader is selected each day to read out the news ranging from sports news to science news and meditation, chanting hymn. While the students get chance to lead the assembly, teachers act as mentors and guide them at every step. Allowing students to take up leadership roles and garner the sense of independence. By empowering our students to become the leaders of tomorrow, we hope they will utilize the skills learned during the morning assemblies and continue to exhibit them throughout their lives.


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